Heavy Duty Moving Blanket x 80 @ $15.00 each

$1200.00 inc GST

Furniture pad with polycotton outer and a heavy inner filling. Ideal for use during storage or local transit. Synthetic outer layer is zig zagged throughout to reduce tearing and ripping during use.

Covering furniture. Floor protection. Fill void spaces in containers and trucks.


3.4mX1.8m Synthetic dark blue

Light Weight Moving Blanket x 80 @ $11.50 each

$920.00 inc GST

This standard removalist pads are ideal for packing and moving furniture, container shipping, self storage, covering vehicles & machinery, laying on slippery floors, or wrapping commercial items for transporting.

Made with high quality synthetic fabric
Zig-zag design stitching to prevent tearing
Felt padding inner for shock absorption
Non-slip outer material suitable for laying on hard floors and surfaces
Qty: 1
Type: Moving Blanket
Size: 1.8 m x 3.0 m
Material: Non-woven synthetic
Weight: 2.8 kg